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5 Tips on How to Find The Best Apartment Off-campus

5 Tips on How to Find The Best Apartment Off-campus

Living Off-Campus 

The idea of living off-campus might be something of your interest whether you choose to do so or not. Our comprehensive guide can ensure that you make the most of your search for finding an apartment and help you consider all the vital factors that can directly or indirectly affect your college life away from the campus buzz.


Know your financial limits

One thing you should be extremely familiar with is knowing how far you can stretch yourself financially and whether living on-campus or off it will make a significant difference to your wallet. This is perhaps some of the most vital information you need to know. Ask yourself whether you:

  • Have a reliable source of income? Student loans or a job?
  • Have upfront cash availability for down payments and securities?
  • Can afford the transit charges between your residence and the campus?
  • Buy your own food and cook it at your place? Or keep an on-campus meal plan?
  • Utility costs at your place are bearable?

Search Listings

Once you’ve got all your finances figured right, start looking out in listings. Your campus will probably have a lot of information about availability of accommodation nearby because most of the property owners or managers make sure that their information is readily known around the campus for potential students who want to learn about rentals outside their grounds. Alternatively, another secure method is asking your friends about whether anyone in their acquaintances is leaving their apartments. They will also have a know-how about the good places to live. You can even go looking at a sorority or a fraternity if it suits you.

Know how long you’ll need to stay

Always think through accurately where you will be ahead in time so that your academic plans don’t alter your stay at a rental and you end up paying more than you need to. For instance, your August-to-August academic year may not add up nicely to a June-to-June or March-to-March lease because you’ll probably have to renew it for another whole year just to stay for a few months more.

Stay connected to your campus

Don’t isolate yourself completely from the campus no matter how much tempting it might feel having a distant, peaceful space outside. With every year, you may start feeling a little abandoned and removed from the campus buzz that you took for granted. Involve yourself in a few societies or clubs so that they can help you keep yourself updated to the latest campus news and also make your college experience a little more productive.

Safety is key

Keep your own protection and safety as the foremost priority no matter how safe the location or neighborhood. Never get too unaware. Make sure you feel comfortable commuting towards or from the campus or your place at all times of the day because college schedules can be quite unusual. Keeping these key aspects in mind will help confirm your off-campus apartment is all you desired and a lot more.





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