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12 breath taking yet secret places in New York that will surely brighten up your day!

12 breath taking yet secret places in New York that will surely brighten up your day!

From sunshine beaches to enchanting tunnels, from magnificent churches to a towering landscape, the city of New York is an eye-feast for people of all ages. A new bunch of surprise awaits you in every nook and corner of this splendid city! Be it for a newbie in town or those who’ve been residing here for ages, New York is and always will be a Pandora box brimming with stories of life, colour and mysteries. So, if you are ready to set your feet down to experience its magic, here are 12 breath taking yet secret places in New York that will surely brighten up your day!

1. Cobble Hill Tunnel

An abandoned underpass in the Long Island Rail Road network, Cobble Hill Tunnel is one of the oldest underground subways in the nation. There were rumours that this tunnel was once used by terrorists as well as for transportation in the early 19th century.

2. Elevator Museum

Wasn’t playing in the elevator one of the most fun things we did as a child? Especially pressing the buttons of all the floors and prank people of the apartment. But believe us the elevator museum is none of this yet all the more exciting as it would take you down the memory lane.

3. Dead Horse Bay

At this shore you might either find your treasure in the old bottles that wash up on the beach side or just the remains of dead animals. But if you too lucky you might also find time to hit the beach on the Rock way Inlet and return home with a treasure for life.

4. The Blockhouse

Central Park’s second oldest structure, the Blockhouse No.1 was built in 1812 to defend against the British, at the edge of a high precipice above the lower part of Harlem and Morningside Heights and hosted nearly 2,000 New York military men but ironically was never used! Unfortunately solo exploration trips are not allowed unless accompanied by a Park ranger.

5. The Berlin Wall in Midtown

Down fell the great wall of Berlin… but its reminiscent were flown to various countries as a historical reminder of power, pride and marking of a new era of governance in Germany. Out of which, five pieces of the concrete slabs measuring 20 feet can be found on 520 Madison Avenue. It was embellished by artist Thierry Noir in the 1980s to make the wall less threatening. But recently, they were moved into the lobby of the building where they were displayed earlier in an effort to preserve the historic slabs. However, the pieces are still open for public display.

6. 77 Water Street

Have you imagined how it feels to have a World War I fighter plane on the roof of your workplace and a lobby comprising an attractive penny candy store with signs of actual old-time brands? No? Then it’s time you visit the 1970s replica of a 1916 British Sop with Camel i.e. the 77 Water Street in Financial District!

7. Smallpox Hospital, Roosevelt Island

Are you an adventure freak? Or a horror movie lover? Located on the Southern tip of the Roosevelt Island, this abandoned infirmary of the’50s is enough to give you goose bumps of a lifetime. It is said that scary sounds and dark shadows are a common affair on the grounds of the former hospital.

P.S: Not for the weak hearts though!

8. The New York Earth Room

Concealed among the chic boutiques of Soho is an unusual art installation that would gift you extremely enchanting moments of tranquillity and make you wonder if man’s mind is so creatively beautiful. Run by the Dia Art Foundation at 141 Wooster Street, the Earth Room comprises a white space with a 1977 wall-to-wall art installation made of nearly 280,000 pounds of dirt by artist Walter De Maria whose soil has never been changed ever since.

9. Track 61 under Grand Central

The abandoned Track 6, with its private elevator goes until the Waldorf Astoria. And is said to have been used by VIPs as a route escape route! It is said that Franklin Delano Roosevelt, might have taken this mysterious passage to hide his worsening case of polio. So, unless you’re a celebrity, this spot is definitely off-limits.

10. Green Wood Cemetery

Situated in Brooklyn, it is the nation’s second most-visited tourist attraction, after Niagara Falls and is now a landmark of national importance. One of America’s first rural cemeteries, Green Wood is a resting place of several Civil War generals and baseball legends.

11. The Invincible Statue

Situated in the Battery Park, the 1971 metallic sphere sculpture designed by German sculptor Fritz Koenig has survived the 9/11 Twin Towers attack and ever since it has been moved to the park, the sphere remains as an epitome of hope and courage.

12. New York’s Glass Waterfall Tunnel

Just a 4-minute walk from the Time Square, the tunnel is nestled on one side of McGraw-Hill building in New York. One could experience an overwhelming feeling of being inside this ‘waterfall’ yet staying dry of course!



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