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How to choose a dorm room- 10 things to consider

Yes, getting accepted at college is a great feeling but who said that the job is done there? Choosing a dorm is probably one of the most vital decisions you ever get to make at college. One bad call and your whole college experience can be at stake. The features and the environment of a dorm determine what college is probably going to be like. All of them aren’t going to be the same, providing you the same features and facilities, so your decision in choosing one is going to depend solely on yourself.

Not sure about your personal preferences? Don’t worry, we’ll list 10 important things you’ll have to consider in order to make a great decision:


Location is probably the first and foremost thing that will cross your mind while selecting a place to live during college. You will need to know about the campus and how big is it across so that you know how far you’ll have to travel between your academic buildings, messing, or other recreational facilities available on or off campus. You’ll have to select the most efficient spot that will cover all these distances resourcefully. Choose the location that best suits you and your daily commuting needs. Apartment Friends will present you a wide range of options around any particular place in New York City.


Whether or not you have a car or a bike, the accessibility of a location has a huge impact on your mobility. You need to know how close the apartment or dorm location is to major sources of transportation, like bus services, cabs and whether or not they’re readily available all the time or not. 

Freshman-exclusive dorms:

There are many dorms on or off-campus that are exclusively for freshmen and new-comers. You must find one that is for freshmen particularly because this will be a  great opportunity to meet people who are probably going share the same experiences as you and this can develop into long lasting solid friendships.

Bathrooms and shower:

Always skim through the details of a dorm and find out the kind of bathrooms that suit you the best whether it’s a personal bathroom attached with the room or it’s a community bathroom style where you share your shower space with other residents.


Your dorm room can be loud and vibrant or silent, distant and ambient depending on the environment you want to live and study in. 

Common-room or lobbies:

Dorm lobbies and common-room are what provide a great meeting point for all the residents of a dorm to enjoy. You can know more about them by asking the realtors and websites whether or not the d0rm has a designated space for students wanting to spend quality together. 


This is quite likely one of the most important features of a dorm life that affects you throughout your stay. If you can, be choosy about your roommate because that’s really going to affect you in the long run. Secondly, you need to be sure about the number of roommates you can be comfortable with at the same time. While more people in a room can make things messier, it also makes it so much fun.  



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