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Refreshing Your New Living Space? Here are Some Tips to Help Turn Your Dingy Space into a Magnificent one!

Stepping into a new house in NYC? Worried that your living room is not spacious enough for a bold, classy and refreshing makeover? Then, it’s time to think again. Here are few tips which can help to turn your small dingy space into a magnificent one!

Arrange things in a linear fashion:-

Implementing different geometric and linear prints gives a small space, the sense of structure and also helps in providing the illusion of additional length and width.


Long draperies to highlight elevation:-

Draperies add instant height to any space. The trick is to hang them from right around where your wall meets your ceiling and let them slightly spread on the ground.


Utilize the underused spots:-

Never let spaces be wasted even an inch. Every part of the living room is considered to have no used too can be put to great use. For example, window sills can be remodelled for holding books, plants and other decorative artefacts.


Play the bolds neutrally:-

A mix of patterns can make the living room look fresh and lively, while a subtle, neutral palette keeps things from feeling overdone. This is a brilliant way to thrust in some serious personality into a small space.


Think transparent:-

Acrylic or glass furniture has been a perfect designer trick to do away with visual clutter. They serve a purpose (i.e., holding drinks, etc.) and also in the meanwhile submerge into the space. As a result of which the living room still appears spacious and accommodating.


Handle light:-

Opting for furniture with delicate frames is another way to keep down the visual noise. It de-clutters the space and gives one an elegant feel.


Utility storages are in:-

External storages gobble up more space in the already small living room. So, it’s better to customise storage units which are portable into walls. For example a cabinet can be constructed around the television thereby caving in space for storing things.


Opt for floating shelves:-

When floor space is limited but you’ve got loads of books and artefacts in store, floating shelves could be a great option. But remember to keep them the color co-ordinated with your wall for a sleek look. By doing so, you’ll give your living room not just a smart makeover but will also helping in giving it a classy outlook.


Light it up well:-

A living room can be made to feel big and spacious not just through tall ceilings or big windows, but also if lit properly. Arranging light at different levels through floor lamps, chandeliers, or task lights can create a moody yet well-lit room.



Keep it simple and sweet! When you don’t have a spacious room to experiment with but you want to inject some colour, it’s best to keep it neutral and classy. A foundation of neutral hues with a feature colour and a metallic shade to run with it can make the room classy. Varying textures and finishes will add depth while leaving the living room light and airy on the eyes.




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